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  Qin Yu爱彼官网价格及图片,爱彼价格_爱彼手表报价_爱彼官网价格_图片and others had no idea at this moment.It is not only that they suffer this crime here, but also the people of the Dragon Race, Scattering Demons, and Scattering Immortals.Because Fang Tian has experience, he knows that the polar flame region is more dangerous than the polar cold region. So they also chose here.


    Because the day of departure is similar, the speed of advance is also similar.


    So the two people and horses were only tens of thousands of miles together from beginning to end, but the two of them have never met, which is really weird.




    Go ahead, keep going.


    A group of nine people, no one spoke, everyone focused on moving forward, the density of the knife wind in the sky was obviously much larger. Even Zong Su and Hei Yu were not easy enough.