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Who is爱彼手表真假查询,爱彼手表怎么鉴定真伪 如何辨别爱彼表真假the easiest? The real situation is indeed Qin Yu.


    Qin Yu knew very well that he could find some dangers in his star field, and he didn't need to dodge like other people, he only needed to avoid the vital points.


    Just avoiding the key points can still be done at Qin Yu's speed. In fact, Qin Yu wanted to avoid his entire body, it was somewhat difficult with his strength.


    However, even if he was injured by the sword wind, Qin Yu's vitality would instantly recover.


    Even now, Qin Yu's state is still at its peak. Not as tired as others.




    Just for adversity, no one gave up.


    The closer you get to the abyss of death, the greater the power of this blade wind, and the more frequent space cracks appear. And the people with blood on their bodies were not the only three of Shibian, Shihua, and Qin Yu.