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 Because...ZF爱彼对比正品,ZF厂爱彼15400复刻表对比正品、JF厂评测Qin Yu used the "Star Realm".Now that the energy in Qin Yu's body is the energy of the real fire of the sun, Qin Yu actually formed a huge nebula-like domain with Qin Yu as the center in this icy world-the domain of stars.Because the power of the stars is hot golden now, Qin Yu's whole person is like a God of War bathed in golden light, but this God of War is often bloody.


    Once the star domain was expanded, Qin Yu could control everything within this range.


    Qin Yu was able to detect in advance whether a sword wind attacked and whether a spatial crack had formed. The function of this star field is similar to that of Hou Fei's water flow.


    But the star domain is so big, and the blade wind speed is too fast, Qin Yu often can't dodge, he can only try to avoid the key points.


    So Qin Yu was often made bloody.


    But in the blink of an eye, Qin Yu's wound would disappear.


    "Although my body is bloody on the surface, the actual body has no scars at all." Qin Yu felt helpless, "Judging from the appearance, I seem to be very bad, in fact, I should be the easiest one."